About Us

O'Neal Team PhotoBuilding a new home is one of the most important financial decisions you could make. O'Neal Builders is committed to building your ideal home while providing superior customer service. With 20 years of homebuilding experience, we know that building a home requires numerous important decisions and attention to detail. As a service-oriented homebuilder, we truly want our homeowners to enjoy the building process.

With building and carpentry experiences, Jim O'Neal (President/Owner) has an excellent eye for detail that is evident in O'Neal built homes.  His wife, Amy O'Neal (Designer) has a degree in design. Together, the O'Neals have brought a unique approach to the building process.

Project Manager Bill Fry is a key member to the O'Neal Builders team. Making sure materials arrive to the job-site on time and trade labor is scheduled appropriately are just a small part of their daily tasks. Their experience has taught us that customer service and satisfaction are a number one priority.

Internally, Jason Brown plays a vital role in estimating the costs associated with each job, and ensuring materials are purchased as dictated by the construction calendar. His friendly demeanor and willingness to help are critical to O'Neal Builder's success.

The O'Neal Builders team is actively involved in the building process. Continual contact on a daily basis ensures our customer's needs are met. We also prioritize warranties. 

We at O'Neal Builders genuinely care about the quality of homes we build and about the customers who place their trust in our skill.

Thank you for choosing to build your dream home with us!