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Buying New Vs. Buying Used

Categories: Bloomington-Normal, neighborhoods | Posted: August 16, 2013

It Just Makes Sense!

As America’s housing market finally trickles back, potential homeowners have a choice, should they buy a used home or should they look for something new. Sadly, prospective homebuyers often times only look at the selling price difference between a new and used home and not the associated costs or benefits that each offers. Don’t make this mistake.

The cost saving are numerous when selecting a new home vs. a used one. A higher resale value, lower taxes over the first two years, lower homeowner’s insurance, lower upkeep costs, and smaller annual maintenance costs all point to the significant benefits of owning a new renovation-free home. Housing experts found that used homes built just 10 years ago will have annual maintenance costs that are 580% higher than their new home equivalents and an energy efficiency level 30% lower than that of a home built today. Don’t let an old roof or an outdated kitchen suck up all the savings you could be spending on things you and your family enjoy.

Also remember that “Time is money.” Many new home-owners are finding that owning a new home vs. used is not only saving them money, but also their time. According to studies, homeowners who built new saved an average of 58 hours per year compared to those whose homes were built only 10 years ago. That’s a lot of time saved to do what you want to do. One can see that the time and costs spent repairing a home, in the long run, will be significantly more than simply starting fresh and buying new. New home ownership IS an attainable dream, and one that O’Neal Builders can help you achieve. If you would like to leave the worries and costs of used home ownership behind you then contact us today or visit our website at!